Mozilla has released the latest stable version of Firefox, now at version 3.6.13. The latest version fixes various security bugs, 11 advisories to be exact, and stability issues, 68 bug fixes in all.

More specifically, the 11 Security Advisories are broken down as such: nine are rated "Critical," one is marked "High," and the last one is classified as "Moderate." The critical vulnerabilities include a Java security bypass, multiple memory safety hazards, buffer overflow security issue, as well as a crash and remote code executing issue while using HTML tags inside of a XUL tree. The two non-critical vulnerabilities are related to character encodings and location bar SSL spoofing.

To download the latest version, you can use the "Check for Updates" option in the browser. Alternatively, you can download it directly for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The new stable release of Firefox comes as the company is pushing forward with Firefox 4, which is currently at Beta 7. Firefox 4 was originally slated to be released by now, but Mozilla has since delayed it until 2011.

Mozilla also released Thunderbird 3.1.7, an update for its e-mail client. Thunderbird follows Firefox updates because it can display HTML formatted e-mails. The update also has several additional bug fixes to improve performance, security, and stability.