Facebook named best place to work in the US


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Facebook is the best US company to work for, according to a survey by the career website Glassdoor.com where users publish feedback on employers. The website asked its users to rate their workplaces on eight factors including work/life balance, recognition, boss competency, as well as compensation and benefits.

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Of course they are making money hand over fist right now. Every major company while it has massive growth has been a great place to work, especially the tech companies (Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc.) Once they have saturated the market and competitors start closing in then things tend to change. I stil don't see why anyone would want to use Facebook (especially given there lack of security and privacy) in the first place, but to each his/her own choice.


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Have you seen the pictures Time got of their server farms? Beautiful work, and makes me wish I had money to revamp some things at work.