Mozilla released the tenth beta version of Firefox 4 Tuesday night. The latest build comes less than two weeks after Firefox 4 Beta 9 hit the web and apparently we could see as many as two more beta releases before the final lands in February. Firefox release manager Christian Legnitto disclosed the updated beta plan in a blog posting, where he lays out several alternatives release schedules based on current bug counts and fix rates.

Currently there are more than 50 blockers that still need fixing and more than 300 bug fixes which need to be tested before the finished code is released. Although right now there is no plan of releasing a beta 12 of Firefox 4, if the planned fixes land too late, there will be a beta 11 release next Tuesday and a beta 12 when all blockers are at zero.

The release notes for Firefox 4 Beta 10 are pretty light on details. Mozilla mentions stability improvements for Flash under Mac OS X, lowered memory usage, as well as support for a graphics driver blacklist. If you're already running a previous beta of Firefox 4 you should see an automatic update soon. Alternatively, you can download Beta 10 directly for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux 32-bit/64-bit operating systems.