Update: Samsung has denied that the return rate is 15 percent, saying that it is actually below 2 percent. The original story is below.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a return rate of 15 percent. In other words, for every 20 units sold, three are being returned. The return rate is based on sales from the device's November 2010 debut until January 16, 2011. Apple's iPad has a return rate of just 2 percent, according to ITG.

Late last month, Samsung announced that it had sold 2 million Galaxy Tab units in three months. Samsung launched its tablet in response to Apple's iPad, which sold 7.33 million units in the same quarter. On the whole, Apple dominated the tablet space last quarter: it had 75.3 percent market share while Android-based devices grabbed only 21.6 percent share.

The iPad has clearly won this first battle in the larger tablet war. This year, we'll be watching round two: the Galaxy Tab 2 (plus all the other Android-based devices) versus the iPad 2 versus the BlackBerry PlayBook.