Glenn Edward Lee Beck, an American conservative radio and television host, author, and political commentator, has told his viewers not to use Google when doing research. He points to the fact that Google is having some problems overseas, and that some of its employees have played active roles in revolutions in the Middle East.

Here is the relevant section of his rant: "May I recommend if you are doing your own homework, don't do a Google search. It seems to me that Google is pretty deeply embed with the government. Remember... maybe this is explaining why Google is being kicked out of all the other countries. Are they just a shill now for the United States government? Who is Jared Cohen? Is he private citizen or government operative? And isn't this the second Google guy we've found... this is the second Google executive now being exposed as an instigator of a revolution. Are you comfortable with the government partnering covertly with media organizations, search engines, social networking, so that they can bring change that the Washington elites have designed?" You can watch the Beck do his thing below (found via Slashdot):

Jared Cohen is the Director of Google Ideas. He has worked with the State Department and played a role in the 2009 unrest in Iran. The other executive Beck is referring to is Google marketing manager and political activist Wael Ghonim, who played an active role in the revolution in Egypt. He went missing for over a week during the protests, and was later released by the security forces that kidnapped him.

Beck clearly doesn't have a very strong argument for not using Google; it's actually quite laughable what he is suggesting. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to question everything around you, including in the technology industry. Just don't become paranoid.