After noticing that millions of its fans use the mobile website from their Android devices, MapQuest decided to develop a free Android app with turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation, and OpenStreetMap (OSM) capabilities. You can grab it now from the Android Marketplace. If you have feedback for the app, send it over to

For those wondering, OSM is a "by the people, for the people" mapping movement that is improved every day by its users. Much like the iPhone version, the Android app has the following features:

  • Voice-guided/Turn-by-turn Navigation: Your phone tells you where and when to make a turn
  • Voice Search: Drivers can speak a destination for directions
  • Map Toolbar: Easily find restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations and parking with one click
  • Walking & Driving Directions: Recommends the best route and the map rotates based on orientation of travel
  • Live Traffic Flow/Incidents: Extensive coverage updated every 5 minutes
  • OSM Maps: User-sourced maps that may provide unique local perspective and detail
  • Bug Logging for OSM: Standing in front of a new building? Report it to the community and they 'll fill in the missing pieces
  • International Maps: Take MapQuest abroad on business trips (or for you ex-pats) and experience maps improved by mapping enthusiasts

MapQuest is having a tough time competing with Google since the search giant offers many of the aforementioned features directly in Google Maps. If you use MapQuest, let us know why in the comments below.