Don't worry, we won't have a new article every time OnLive adds a new game; this time is different. There's a deal you should know about: if you pre-order Homefront on the OnLive Game Service, you'll get the OnLive Game System for free (while supplies last).

More specifically, right after you pre-order, you'll get a Full PlayPass for instant access to Metro 2033 and when Homefront launches, you'll get an OnLive Game System for just the cost of taxes and shipping (a $99 value). It's all in the ad below:

Homefront is set in a future where a foreign invader has broken the US military, occupied America, and beaten its citizens into submission. The game will become available to OnLive members on March 15, 2011 at midnight. OnLive titles play instantly on TVs, via the OnLive Game System, or on a PC or Mac via a small browser download.

This is not the first time OnLive has offered the MicroConsole for free. The initial cost is the biggest hurdle for customers interested in the new gaming company, so we expect there will be many more deals like this one in the future. Earlier this month, the company's $10 PlayPack subscription service moved out of beta.