Acer CEO J.T. Wang has taken his first step in transforming his company: he has unveiled a new logo. The previous version had been in use for the past decade.

"In Acer's 35-year history, we have changed our corporate logo several times," an Acer spokesperson told The Financial Times. "Each time, it was to face new challenges in a different stage of our development. The last time was in 2001, when we spun-off our contract manufacturing business to focus on our brand business." In this new stage, Acer says it will focus on creating customer value and strengthening its brand.

In the image above, the old logo is on top and the new logo at the bottom. As you can see, not only does it have a new shade of green, but the font type has been tweaked as well; Acer says a cleaner and smoother font, along with the lighter green gives the company a younger and more active feel.

Most corporations have logos that are a shade of blue or red, but there are still many companies that choose to ignore color psychology and differentiate themselves. For better or for worse, Acer is one of those companies (before the dark green logo, Acer's logo was purple).

Late last month, Acer's former CEO Gianfranco Lanci resigned following strong disagreements with the company's board about Acer's ongoing strategy. Acer announced that Chairman J.T. Wang was stepping in as CEO, and it looks like he's wasted no time in making it known that Acer has a new face.