Update: Major Nelson has confirmed that this is indeed true.

Hulu may finally push out Hulu Plus for the Xbox 360 as soon as the end of this week. More specifically, the subscription service is expected to land on Microsoft's console on April 29, 2011.

The news comes from a scan of the June issue of the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM, via Joystiq). Assuming the scan isn't just a good fake, Microsoft will promote the launch with a contest: each week through May 30 prizes will be awarded to randomly chosen Hulu Plus users. The prizes reportedly range from Beaches Resort trips to free Xbox 360 bundles and Hulu Plus subscriptions.

Hulu Plus gives subscribers an expanded content library in the form of full seasons and more episodes of shows already available on the free version as well as allowing access to the streaming service from more devices. Hulu has been rumored to be coming to the Xbox 360 for a long time now; we remember talks of such a deal way back in May 2009.

When Hulu Plus was officially announced in June 2010, both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 support was confirmed. The PS3 got the service in November 2010, however, while Xbox 360 users were left to wait until Spring 2011. That timeframe apparently now means this Friday, if this rumor ends up being on the money.

Hulu Plus is currently supported on the following platforms: Apple's iOS 4 devices, Sony's PlayStation 3, the Roku Streaming Player, WD TV Media Player, as well as Blu-ray-linked television made by Samsung, Sony, and Vizio. It may also be coming to Research In Motion's BlackBerry Playbook.