Twitter today announced a new version of for mobile devices. The "web app" - Twitter calls it that, even though it's really just a website - is supposed to provide a high-quality and consistent Twitter experience on high-end touchscreen devices, regardless of whether or not an official Twitter application is available. The company says it was built from the ground up for smartphones and tablets that have more advanced browsers (and can handle the latest web technologies, like HTML5).

Twitter says there are significant performance improvements, as well as enhancements that take advantage of capabilities that high-end device browsers offer, such as touch gestures and a large screen. Features supported include your timeline, @mentions, messages that you can read in conversation view, search, trending topics, lists, and so on.

The new site is being released to a small percentage of iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android smartphone users today. Additional users with those devices will get it in the coming weeks. While Twitter specifically says it wants its users to be able to use the mobile site regardless of what device they use, it doesn't bother mentioning anything but Android and iOS. For whatever reason, the company avoids saying how the new website handles BlackBerry, Windows Phone, webOS, Symbian, and so on. We're hoping that this wasn't on purpose: it would be a real shame if the new mobile site didn't work well on all mobile platforms.

Twitter has been seriously pushing out updates recently. Just last month, the company announced it had improved search by making it three times faster and also launched a new homepage.

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