Twitter has pushed out a new design of its homepage. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams tweeted the following celebratory message:

Very happy the team got the new Twitter homepage out the door. Definitely was time for a refresh.

The new homepage, a screenshot of which I've embedded below, is still very clean and usable. In my opinion, it's also much more visually appealing than the previous homepage. If you use Twitter, you'll need to log out to see it, since Twitter's homepage is mainly used as a landing page for new users.

Twitter actually unveiled the new homepage earlier, but quickly pulled it after users reported many issues, according to Neowin. It looks like those problems have now been ironed out and the new homepage has gone live for good.

The main message Twitter is promoting with the new homepage is "Follow your interests" which links to the page!/toptweets. Below that there's the closest thing to a sentence on the page: "Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what's happening around the world." This is all on a new blue background with a faded world map.

Everything else is pretty much unchanged: there's a search bar at the bottom, login fields in the top right corner, and fields to sign up on the right. Just below all of this, there are randomly generated profile pictures of famous Twitter accounts. Clicking on any of them will send you directly to their Twitter page. This undoubtedly gives them more followers on a regular basis.

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