Nvidia's first official GeForce 275 family drivers have been branded with Microsoft's seal of approval today. The WHQL-certified GeForce 275.33 release adds support for the newly released (non-Ti) GTX 560 and wields performance improvements, bug fixes, as well as new features over previous releases.

Compared to v270.61, 275.33 offers 4% to 15% more frames when playing titles including Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bulletstorm, Civilization V, Crysis 2, and Portal 2 with a GeForce 400 or 500 series card. Additionally, dual-core processors gain up to 12% more performance during certain high load situations.

Speed-wise, there doesn't seem to be any major changes from 275.27 beta released two weeks ago -- unless you play The Witcher 2. Nvidia notes that last month's preview driver can cause a "significant performance drop" because of a 3D Vision-related bug, but the issue is resolved in 275.33.

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If you own a retail copy of the RPG, you can also gain a hefty 30% boost by installing patch 1.1, which removes the SecuROM DRM. For those of you who follow our performance reviews, we plan to publish our testing of The Witcher 2 this week (as early as this evening), so keep your eyes peeled.

Performance aside, the 275 family introduces automatic SLI and antialiasing profile updates from Nvidia -- a separate feature from the 270 line's driver update notifications. There are also various desktop scaling and 3D Vision features, including a new interface for the former and more profiles for the latter.