"Facebook" and "Twitter" banned from French airwaves The French are notorious for their obsession with maddening, micro-meddling rules and regulations. Anglo-Saxons who live in France, as I do, constantly struggle with the puzzling paradox in a society universally admired for its splendid "joie de vivre" -- yet infamous for its oppressive bureaucratic culture of legalistic codes and decrees. This Much I Know

Netflix sharing will be a crime in TN State lawmakers in country music's capital have passed a groundbreaking measure that would make it a crime to use a friend's login – even with permission – to listen to songs or watch movies from services such as Netflix and Rhapsody. The bill, which has been signed by Gov. Bill Haslam and takes effect July 1... The Tennessean

LulzSec claims FBI affiliate hacked LulzSec announced moments ago that it hacked the Atlanta chapter of Infragard, an FBI affiliate, and uploaded the company's user database to the Internet. The cracking group also claims that documents yielded by the intrusion expose an associated company's use of botnets (networks of malware-infected personal computers) and an attempt by someone involved with it to pay LulzSec not to expose the breach. Boing Boing

Windows is tougher to hack than you think Over the past few weeks, I've been putting together test hacking scenarios for a customer. They wanted to see copies of the RSA attack, the Google attack, advanced persistent threat (APT) simulations, social engineered Trojans, worms, remote buffer overflows, and more. The objective: to test what they could do to prevent all of those assaults on their predominately Microsoft Windows environment. PCWorld

What's your cell phone's maximum radiation level? Interactive database With recent news of a possible link between cell phone radiation and risk of brain cancer, you may have a new-found interest in knowing how much radiation your mobile handset is giving off – or, more importantly, how much your body might be absorbing. Computerworld

The Zune that never was, developed by members of the former Microsoft Courier team A group of Softies filed a patent application in 2009 for a media player that Microsoft never ended up launching. The device was going to be similar in form to Apple's iPod Nano, according to the images Kakkar found. ZDNet

SSFIV: AE PC - DRM: We had it wrong Last week, when I put up a blog about all of the great new features and thoughtful PC-specific design considerations that were added to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PC, many folks ignored the goodness therein and zeroed in on the implementation of the offline mode and its limitations. Capcom

Batteries that can multitask There's more than meets the eye in the battery-powered model car sitting in Emile Greenhalgh's laboratory at Imperial College London.The model has been modified by the researcher's team to increase the amount of electrical energy it can store --- but not by installing a bigger battery. NY Times

Vandals plaster Windows Logo on upcoming Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany On Friday morning, folks walking past the upcoming Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany were greeted with some Banksy inspired nerd vandalism on the side of one of the building's construction barricades. Edible Apple