Alongside today's new product launches, Apple has announced record quarterly performance that Wall Street analysts have called "nothing short of a blowout." The company's fiscal third quarter results marked its best-ever revenue and earnings, pulling in $28.57 billion with a net profit of $7.31 billion ($7.79 per share). That's up 82% from $15.70 billion and 125% from $3.25 billion a year ago.

During the latest period, Cupertino sold 20.34 million iPhones, an increase of 142% on-year and representing a whopping $13.3 billion of the company's revenue. The company's iPad also performed well with 9.25 million units sold, up 183% and accounting for $6 billion of Apple's third quarter revenue.

Both categories trumped the total unit shipments of Macs as the company "only" moved 3.95 million systems. That's still a 14% boost from the prior year, but Apple admitted that the iPad is cutting into Mac sales. In fact, desktops and laptops accounted for less of the company's revenue than the iPad.

Meanwhile, iPod sales have slipped 20% to 7.54 million units, half of which were of the touch variety. Although sales have declined, Apple reports that the iPod still maintains some 70% of the MP3 player market. The company's iTunes media platform raked in some $1.4 billion, up 36% year-over-year.

"We're thrilled to deliver our best quarter ever," said CEO Steve Jobs. Moving forward, Apple expects to post a revenue of $25 billion with diluted earnings per share around $5.50 in the next quarter. You can read the full release here or listen to the conference call (an hour long and requires QuickTime).