While Apple has done an amazing job at capturing people's minds in the few markets they participate in and partially dominate, in the smartphone world Android has come out on top throughout 2011 with most impressive usage figures.

Last week we reported on a study by researcher Canalys indicating that Google's Android platform had reached nearly 50 percent of the global smartphone market, followed by Apple and Nokia's Symbian OS. And now mobile advertising network, Jumptap, has gathered enough data to report on which U.S. states are dominated by either Google's or Apple's operating systems.

The stats are based on the 83+ million users that were served ads through Jumptap's advertising platform during June. As you can see on the map below, Android tends to dominate on the South and West regions of the U.S. Having visited San Francisco just a few weeks ago, anyone would have imagined that'd be an iOS state with a very Apple-centric feeling across town and with people flocking to buy anything the company has to sale on its stores, but apparently Android has a stronghold in California. Apple does give a battle and is the most popular mobile OS in Midwestern States and part of the Northeast.

Blackberry is the third most popular mobile operating system according to Jumptap, with 22% percent of the market. RIM's OS is widely used in New York and other seven states.

Interestingly, the data also shows which users are most likely to click on mobile adverts. Apple iPhone users are by far more willing to click on ads (0.78% click-through rate, versus 0.47% of Android users), though it's not specified if only ads and clicks served through the browser are being counted, or if ads embedded into apps are also part of the equation.

Within the Android population, Sony Ericsson owners seem to click ads more than users running LG, Samsung or Motorola phones. HTC users are by far the least likely to click on ads.