AMD today announced its first dual-core Llano APUs, the A4-330 and A4-3400, extending the lineup beyond the five models currently available and bringing the entry-level desktop APU price down to just $70. Both chips integrate a Radeon HD 6410D GPU with 160 shaders and 1 MB L2 cache while maintaining a 65W TDP.

The main difference between these chips is in their CPU and GPU clock frequencies. The A4-3300 operates at 2.5 GHz and its GPU is clocked at 443 MHz, while the A4-3400's CPU core runs at 2.7 GHz and has a 600 MHz GPU frequency. You can see AMD's complete Llano lineup and their respective specs in the table below:

Model GPU TDP CPU Cores Base/Turbo Clock GPU Cores GPU Clock Price
AMD A8-3850 Radeon HD 6550D 100W 4 2.9GHz 400 600MHz $135
AMD A8-3800 Radeon HD 6550D 65W 4 2.4/2.7GHz 400 600MHz $129
AMD A6-3650 Radeon HD 6530D 100W 4 2.6GHz 320 443MHz $115
AMD A6-3600 Radeon HD 6530D 65W 4 2.1/2.4GHz 320 443MHz $109
AMD A6-3500 Radeon HD 6530D 65W 3 2.1/2.4GHz 320 443MHz $89
AMD A4-3400 Radeon HD 6410D 65W 2 2.7GHz 160 600MHz $69
AMD A4-3300 Radeon HD 6410D 65W 2 2.5GHz 160 443MHz $64

In terms of features you can expect an integrated USB 3.0 controller, support for AMD Steady Video for removing jitters and shakes while watching video, and AMD Dual Graphics for users who want to pair the integrated GPU with a discrete Radeon HD 6000 Series graphics card for a performance boost. There's no Turbo Core supported on either A4 model.

Both chips should work in all existing Socket-FM1 motherboards. Official prices for A4-Series 3300 and 3400 models are $64 and $69 in 1K quantities, so you can expect to pay slightly more when they hit retailers later this month.