HP might offload its PC business in the near future, but that's not stopping the company from peddling freshly-designed machines in the meantime. The system vendor has just yanked a tarp off no less than seven new all-in-one computers. With pricing starting a only $400, there's a little something for everyone, though the systems are skewed toward home entertainment and business solutions:

  • Omni 120 ($400, September 21) – A 20-incher with enough horsepower for the common home user. Models will come with the latest silicon from Intel and AMD and up to 750GB of storage.
  • Omni 220 ($800, September 11) – A pricier 21.5-inch build of the Omni 120 that gains additional luxuries such as HP's Beats Audio engine, a quad-core Intel processor and a fancier "streamlined" design.
  • TouchSmart 320 ($600, October 2) – HP's budget touchscreen AIO, complete with a 20-inch "free-standing" display that tilts 30 degrees and space between the stand and panel to store your keyboard.

  • TouchSmart 420 ($700, September 11) – Offers the same design as the 320, but receives an upgraded 21.5-inch display. Other potentially different configuration options aren't explained in the press release.

  • TouchSmart 520 ($900, September 11) – The 320's touchscreen is enlarged further to 23 inches. Like the Omni 220, the TouchSmart 520 gains Beats Audio including an optional HP Pulse Subwoofer ($150).

  • TouchSmart Elite 7320 ($850, September 21) – HP's first small business AIO with the same tilt design as the consumer TouchSmart series, a 21.5-inch 1080p display, and Sandy Bridge Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs.
  • HP Pro 3420 ($600, October) – A 20-inch workhorse with a webcam and mic suitable for video conferences, Core i3 processors, up to 8GB of RAM and 2TB of storage, as well as HP's ProtectTools.

To justify its volley of all-in-one machines, HP cited figures from IDC and NPD that indicate a rise of consumer interest in compact computing solutions. According to IDC, 15.7% of commercial PC users around the globe intend to purchase an all-in-one in the next 12 months, up from 9.9%. Meanwhile, NPD's research shows that 34% of consumer desktop purchases in July were all-in-ones.