Consumers are more eager than ever to buy a tablet, so long as it's running a Windows operating system. A new study indicates that Microsoft is leaving the competition in the dust when it comes to desired tablet operating system. The only issue is they haven't delivered yet. Actually, I take that back - there are Windows 7 tablets on the market, but they aren't the sleek and sexy units that the competition is offering.

Windows 8 hopes aims to be just that, but that OS is still a long way out in tech time and buyers want something now.

A recent study from Boston Consulting Group reveals that 42 percent of US consumers prefer a Windows operating system on a tablet over all others. iOS came in second at 27 percent with Android rounding out the podium at 20 percent. BlackBerry, PalmOS and MeeGo all had less than 10 percent each.

Chinese consumers share a similar tablet OS desire. As much as 44 percent of those polled selected Windows, 34 percent preferred iOS and only 18 percent chose Android. Collectively, BlackBerry, PalmOS and MeeGo were only preferred by 5 percent of individuals.

And it's not just one study, either. In August, a Forrester Research report showed that 46 percent of consumers prefer Windows on their tablet. Meanwhile, 16 percent wanted iOS and only 9 percent leaned towards Android.

Research studies aside, it's clear that Microsoft is still a very desirable brand and the company is only hurting themselves each day they don't bring Windows 8 to market.

If you were to buy a tablet, what OS would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!