BitTorrent has announced new stable version of its µTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline clients for the Mac, bringing their feature set closer to their Windows counterparts with support for RSS feeds and Smart Feed subscriptions, scheduling, and more. One of the major new features in this release is a new web-based management interface that let's users access uTorrent remotely, either from a different computer or via a mobile device such as the iPad.

RSS feeds can now be set on the Mac client to automatically fetch torrents and start downloads. Users can pre-schedule start, limit and stop activity for downloads at regular intervals throughout the week, a valuable feature for people on metered or shared networks, while new advanced controls include upgraded logging features, as well as fine-tuning for ports, network configuration, download/upload speeds, and labeling.

As for the new web-based management interface, it can be accessed at from a PC or mobile device. This interface has been optimized for the iPad and comes complete with all the functionality in the PC-based µTorrent Remote, effectively circumventing the lack of an app for iOS users (Android has a native app).

The HTML5-powered interface for µTorrent Remote was developed by Mario Estrada, who also happens to be TechSpot's front-end developer and the guy responsible for crafting our beautiful mobile-friendly website. Nice work buddy!