Razer introduced Synapse five years ago to let gamers store macros, key binds, and profiles directly to their Razer devices' onboard memory. Today, the company is taking the technology one step further with the all-new Razer Synapse 2.0, which moves your personalized peripheral settings into the cloud.

The idea is to give users full access to all of their peripheral hardware settings anytime, anywhere. That may not sound as important to stationary gamers who use a single computer for PC gaming, but OCZ hopes the feature will appeal to tournament gamers or anyone who uses more than one computer for gaming.

Admittedly, you can accomplish the same with onboard storage since you'll still have to lug around your keyboard and mouse. That said, Synapse 2.0 makes the process effortless and saves you time by automatically rebinding all of your custom input settings via a simple login and sync process. The software will also automatically download drivers, game add-ons, and firmware updates to ensure you always have your Razer peripherals up-to-date.

Synapse 2.0 is currently in beta and Razer is offering 500 Razer Naga users the chance to test it out – you can sign up for the beta here. The feature will be released late this quarter and will work on 'all next generation Razer devices', according to the press release, though 'select legacy products' such as the Naga will be supported as well.