The authorized biography of Steve Jobs isn't slated for release until Monday but several news outlets have received advanced copies of Walter Isaacson's new book and details are beginning to leak out.

The Huffington Post has posted some excerpts from the book, including insight into Jobs' thoughts on Android. In discussing Google's rival mobile OS, Isaacson said Jobs was "angrier than I had ever seen him" and accused Android of patent infringement. Jobs believed that Google had ripped off the iPhone and even said he would spend his last dying breath and every penny that Apple had in the bank to make it right. "I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stole product," said Jobs.

Jobs further slammed Google by saying that "outside of Search, Google's products--Android, Google Docs--are shit." He told Iassacson that Apple's tight control over the iPhone ecosystem stemmed from a desire to "make great products, not crap like Android."

Another interesting tidbit has to do with one of Apple's most successful ideas that almost didn't come to fruition: apps. Early on, Jobs was against the idea of apps, believing that Apple didn't have enough manpower and bandwidth to police third-party app developers. Apple board member Art Levinson phoned Jobs "half a dozen times to lobby for the potential of the apps." The rest, as we know, is history.

The biography was originally planned to go on sale in late November but in light of Jobs' passing earlier this month, publisher Simon & Schuster pushed the publication date up a month sooner. CBS will be airing a "60 Minutes" interview with Isaacson this Sunday at 7pm ET.