Videos: The best of BlizzCon 2011 It's that time of the year again when Blizzard – makers of the popular gaming triumvirate of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft - fire up the dog and pony show in southern California and give eager gamers a taste at all the new titles, expansions, and cinematic trailers the company's been working on for the previous year. PCMag

How StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm's new units will balance multiplayer The huge multiplayer update coming to StarCraft II with the second installment, Heart of the Swarm, gives Blizzard an excellent opportunity to balance the three races and take advantage of missed opportunities. Let's see what holes the new multiplayer units plug. Kotaku

Blizzard announces new World of Warcraft expansion: Mists of Pandaria Blizzard Entertainment just announced "Mists of Pandaria," a new expansion to the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, World of Warcraft (WoW). This will be the fourth expansion to the WoW MMO since its launch in 2004. IBT

Why computer voices are mostly female To most owners of the new iPhone, the voice-activated feature called Siri is more than a virtual "assistant" who can help schedule appointments, find a good nearby pizza or tell you if it's going to rain. She's also a she. Siri answers questions in a part-human, part-robot voice that's deep, briskly efficient and distinctly female. CNN

Hard drive shortages and higher prices coming after massive flooding in Thailand A large shortage of hard drives is expected in the coming months due to the worst flood to hit Thailand in over fifty years. As you can see in these images, Western Digital has been hit hard by the flooding and the company has suspended production in Thailand. This is my next

The GPS Act provides needed legal clarity for use of geolocation information Surrounded by technology that was considered cutting edge when major digital surveillance laws were written, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) welcomed U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R- Ill.) as a cosponsor of the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act (GPS) which provides sorely needed legal clarity for the use of electronically-obtained location data that can be used to track and log the location and movements of individual Americans.

Facebook building 'shadow profiles' of non-members, experts allege Eight hundred million users are not enough. Facebook, the world's biggest social network, is now building profiles of non-users who haven't even signed up, an international privacy watchdog charges. The sensational claim is made in a complaint filed in August by Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner. Fox News

AMD, BlueStacks team up for Android appson x86 Thursday AMD said that it has teamed up with BlueStacks to help bring Android applications to Windows-based devices. The chip maker will lend a hand in optimizing the BlueStacks App Player for Windows so that the more than 200,000 apps currently available in the Android Market will perform at their peak... Tom's Hardware

The case for piracy When it comes to copyright theft and piracy, many people assume there's just one side - the side of truth, justice and copyright owners. Beyond that there are parasitical thieves. When most governments come to legislate on the matter, their response is usually one of listening to what big corporations and lobby groups say and nodding in agreement. ABC

Anonymous exposes pedophile ring – hacks Lolita City Earlier this week, the nebulous and notorious international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous exposed a large ring of Internet pedophiles. Examiner