We know for a fact tablets are selling like hotcakes, or at the very least iPads and Kindle Fires are. The form factor is still relatively new and software is barely scratching the surface of its potential, or so we are lead to believe.

Google recently updated its Search app for the iPad with a new interface and a number of tweaks that make it faster and easier to use. The new app is more effective at taking advantage of the iPad's larger screen real-estate, and it honestly looks better than any search app for Android tablets that Google has yet to produce.

The video below was recorded by our friends at MobileBurn, giving you a quick overview of the app's new features including voice capability, side by side tab viewing, and a very tablet oriented version of image search.

With that said and done, am I alone believing browsing the web and multi-tasking on a tablet is overly clumsy compared to what you can accomplish using a desktop web browser (in half the time)?