Google search on the iPad vs. your desktop web browser


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Browsing the web on a tablet is better than it used to be, but nothing near on a laptop or computer. Touch is the major difference that comes to mind, and my big finger seem to always hit the wrong option. A mouse it just simpler to use when it comes to this.


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Ultimately depends what you're searching for, and how you're going to use it.

If you're using it for a throwaway fact, "that movie that this guy was in with that woman who was married to that guy" sure its great.

If you're looking for information for a paper or assignment that you're not typing out on your tablet in the first place, not so good.

Ultimately a keyboard and mouse is the best combo that we have to date. The main "game changer" that I see in that regards would be a customizable touch LCD keyboard or a hybrid of touch and regular keyboard.


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I'm with you Julio, my desktop always gets the job done much faster than my netbook or tablet. Those two are only really useful if I want to read a book and don't want to sit for hours on my work desk, or have to use them outdoors (which is really rare - I find that going out with friends without bringing "mini-computers" is often much more interesting).


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I nearly only browse on my desktop, I love it. But being able to surf the web with mobility is the convenience of the tablet. I'm stating the obvious but this obvious point seems to be missed.

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I have. The app in itself is ok and likely a step in the right direction. However the video above reminded me of how unnatural it can be to browse the web and tap around functions compared to sitting on your laptop/desktop and doing away as you wish.

I'm not questioning the validity of the tablet, but raising a concern that for general use, a keyboard/mouse lets you accomplish so much more and in a more efficient manner. I did want to hear your opinions, too, hence the open nature of my post.


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I honestly think it's a very subjective experience. I find searching on tablets a bit clunky, but I have always been a mouse + keyboard user. On the other hand, I have a few friends that have been minimal computer users, but find the iPad experience much easier. I think the simplified nature of the interface and the gesture / multitouch functionality really makes the difference for those users.

I liken it to phones & smartphones - I know some teens that can type on a Blackberry or smartphone almost as fast as I can on a computer keyboard. Sometimes it's all about what you use most, and how often you use it.


The whole trend toward tablets is downright demonic. A less-capable device for more money. Google should be pushing $100 Chromebooks, not tablets.