Chinese toy manufacturer, In Icons, has unveiled a remarkably striking "action" figure which will both pay homage to and attempt to cash-in on the legendary Apple CEO. According to In Icons, their goal is to "honor the American icon and great visionary Steve Jobs". Now you can re-enact all of those heart stopping keynote moments from the comfort of your own home.

So detailed it is creepy, the 1:6 replica of Jobs sports blue jeans complete with black leather belt, New Balance shoes and an oddly familiar black turtle neck. Also included are two pairs of glasses, an apple, three pairs of hands and socks. Sorry folks: iMac, iPad and iPhone miniatures sold separately.

If that were not enough, bundled with the figurine is a backdrop lovingly printed with the iconic phrase "One more thing..." Simply seat Jobs onto the included stool and stage an poignant discussion with the tech visionary any time you please. 

Despite this particular plastic homage displaying the most uncanny semblance of Jobs to date, previous unsanctioned action figures bearing his likeness have been mercilessly crushed by Apple. This one may meet a similar fate as the doll appears to also be unlicensed. There is no question that both Apple and the Jobs Estate remain very protective of the iconic CEO's image, even posthumously.

While the Chinese government has cooperated with Western companies many times to stamp out past intellectual property violations, their resolve is not always judicious. Also, despite periodic crack downs on pirated software and products in China, it continues to be a well-known hot bed for such gray-market goods.

The action figure is set to be released in February.