Megaupload details raise significant concerns about what DOJ considers evidence of criminal behavior Having spent some more time going through the indictment in much greater detail, I have some more thoughts and concerns. First, it's important to acknowledge that the founder of Megaupload, who goes by Kim Dotcom, has a long history of flouting the law in a variety of ways. That makes him quite unsympathetic in a court. On top of that... Techdirt

Jailed Megaupload king is still the world no. 1 in Modern Warfare 3 Kim Dotcom is the Internet playboy who made his zillions by founding the now-defunct (and Anonymous cause celebre du jour) Megaupload, and also from the blatant hosting of pirated content there. But he also led a secret life, did you know? He is the deadliest shooter in all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Really. Kotaku (with video)

Ubisoft changes Anno 2070 DRM after Guru3D critique Over the past week a news post of ours resulted in a lot of coverage on the web. Long story short – while we where testing the RTS game Anno 2070 for PC (from Ubisoft) we ran into downright silly DRM copy protection issues. You may install Anno 2070 on three PCs as you get three activations. That's fair and OK we feel. Guru3D

Western Digital expects to restore output by September Western Digital expects to rebuild its production capacities to pre-flood levels by September, 2012, the company said this week. The manufacturer aims to repair its two factories in Thailand and bring back its output to normal levels in several months from now. Until then, shortages of hard drives will likely persist. X-bit labs

AMD CrossFireX drivers - opportunity lost AMD likes to tell us that it is "Gaming Evolved." The fact of the matter is that when it comes to driver support for its high end GPU configurations in CrossFireX, AMD has been doing anything but evolving. In fact, we think AMD has been regressing in the last year. AMD still has an opportunity to shine in 2012. Will it step up? HardOCP

Man faces five years for 'God does not exist' Facebook post 31-year-old Alexander Aan faces a maximum prison sentence of five years for posting "God does not exist" on Facebook. The civil servant was attacked and beaten by an angry mob of dozens who entered his government office at the Dharmasraya Development Planning Board on Wednesday. ZDNet

How U.S. lost out on iPhone work When Barack Obama joined Silicon Valley's top luminaries for dinner in California last February, each guest was asked to come with a question for the president. But as Steven P. Jobs of Apple spoke, President Obama interrupted with an inquiry of his own: what would it take to make iPhones in the United States? The NY Times

NZXT Switch 810 tower case review At CES 2012, NZXT launched a new full tower case they've dubbed the Switch 810. NZXT is calling this a "hybrid" tower design, suitable for extreme air cooling or complex liquid cooling setups and offering users a choice between maximum airflow or noise reduction. OCIA

Intel Medfield Atom - impact on smartphones and tablets? While Intel is the all dominant king of the PC processor world, it was next to nothing when it comes to the recent fashion fad - smartphones and tablets. While these don't have much dollar revenue per CPU... VR-Zone

Intel shakes up management, appoints COO Intel Corp unveiled a string of management changes on Friday, elevating 20-year company veteran and manufacturing expert Brian Krzanich to the post of chief operating officer and raising his stature as a possible future CEO. Reuters

Alan Wake PC FAQ We recently sat down and drafted up the answers to our most commonly asked questions about the upcoming release of Alan Wake on PC. The FAQ's below will be updated as we get closer to the games release. Alan Wake forum