Mojang, the folks behind Minecraft, have partnered with the Humble Bundle to stream a 60-hour code-a-thon for charity this weekend. Starting today at 10AM CET, the studio will begin turbo-developing a new game through the weekend. By the end of the session, the resulting product will be sold through and all of cash will go to charities (presumably Child's Play and the EFF, as with most Humble events).

All of the fun will be streamed live on the Humble Bundle site and Mojang has promised to celebrate cash milestones with random antics. In a video (below) Notch claimed he would allow a colleague to shave his beard if fans donated a million dollars, though we're not sure if he's serious. You'll just have to watch and find out. Mojang will also use the streaming event as an opportunity to host giveaways as well as Q&As.

There's still a few hours before the event gets underway, but you don't have to wait to get involved. The developer wants your help picking the genre and theme. Apparently, the highest and lowest voted option for each category will be combined, which is sure to produce some wacky results. As of writing, real-time strategy and racing are the most/least-voted genres, while steampunk and ancient Egypt are the themes.

This isn't the studio's first foray in rapid fire game development. Last December, Notch created a Zelda-style 2D version of Minecraft in only 48 hours as part of the 22nd Ludum Dare competition. Although it wasn't a serious commercial effort, the title received positive reviews. It has since been renamed Minicraft and ported to Android. It also spawned a sequel currently known as MiniTale, which is still in development.