Android gamers have some fresh titles to explore: Zen Bound 2, Canabalt, Cogs, Avadon: The Black Fortress as well as Swords & Soldiers. All five are debuting on Google's mobile OS as part of the latest Humble Bundle promo, which also includes Windows, Mac and Linux. The first four can be purchased for under $6.14 (the current average price), while spending more than the average bags you the fifth game.

There's a healthy mix between strategy, platforming and roleplaying this time around, with all of the titles having positive reviews on Metacritic. Four are 80/100 or higher depending on the review platform (Avadon: The Black Fortress is 75/100 on PC). Three of the games (Swords & Soldiers, Canabalt and Zen Bound 2) come with soundtracks. In fact, Zen Bound 2 comes with two: Bound and Rebound, a remix.

As usual, the titles can be downloaded completely DRM-free directly from The Humble Bundle's servers or via Steam. You'll have to spend more than $1 if you want Steam keys (to prevent abuse) and Canabalt isn't available on Valve's service. It's also worth noting that Avadon: The Black Fortress is only available on Android tablets as the controls are too intricate for smartphones, and Cogs was in last July's bundle.

As noted, you'll have to pay more than the average price for all five titles but you can still select your own rate and split it between the game developers, the Humble organizers and charities including the EFF and Child's Play. Payments can be sent via PayPal, Amazon Payments or Google Checkout. The top donation is currently $314.15, but that's likely to exceed $1,000 by the time the event ends in 13 days.