EA has officially taken the wraps off of Crysis 3 although a brief premature posting on Origin last week left gamers with several clues as to the direction of the next title in the franchise. As you were likely able to surmise, the game will take place in an urban environment (New York to be exact), albeit with a slight twist.

Players will control Nanosuit soldier Prophet in the year 2047 as he battles through the seven wonders of New York's Liberty Dome on a mission for revenge. The nanodome contains seven different environments including a rain forest, urban swamp, grasslands and even a Wall Street canyon.

A new Nanosuit will guide players along their journey and assist with the use of several new weapons, both of human and alien origin. We know for a fact that there will be a composite bow and there's also mention of a Jackal shotgun, Typhoon assault weapon and Feline submachine gun as part of various pre-order multiplayer unlocks.

The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available for pre-order now which grants players early access to the new bow, bow skin and attachments in multiplayer mode, the specially-equipped Hunter Nanosuit, three dog tags and a bonus XP boost up to level 5. You can place a pre-order now through Origin or any other participating retailer. Crysis 3 is set to arrive in the spring of 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC for $59.99