The rumors of a co-developed tablet from Google and Asus are continuing to gain momentum with each passing day. A test result recently found on benchmarking website Rightware is adding more fuel to the fire in a pretty convincing fashion.

The test results detail a device with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor operating at 1.3GHz, an Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU and a screen resolution of 768 x 1280 with an Android operating system. The device is even listed as the "Google Asus Nexus 7", the seven likely a reference to the rumored 7-inch screen size.

Android Police did some additional digging and discovered that the system was running Android 4.1. The build number JRN51B leads them to believe that 4.1 will actually be Jelly Bean. The publication found multiple instances of Android 4.1 devices hitting their server and several references to Galaxy Nexus devices running JRN54 and JRN54F builds.

Furthermore, GigaOm says that their server logs show 92 recent hits from Android 4.1 devices based in California. This means that Google is actively testing the OS update through web browsing.

Other hints found by Android Police include the device code name: grouper. This reportedly follows tradition of naming products after fish. For example, the Nexus One was known as Mahi-mahi, the G1 was codenamed trout and the Xoom was called Wingray and Stingray, based on the two different models.

It's entirely possible that the benchmark results could have been faked but given the supporting evidence from server logs, that theory seems unlikely.