Boxee has announced a new service for users to store, access, and share their personal videos with an easy-to-use mobile app that will tie in well with its media center platform. Dubed Cloudee, the new service will go against the likes of SocialCam and Viddy, but Boxee CEO Avner Ronen believes they’ll be able to differentiate themselves by focusing on private sharing only.

Cloudee is currently in an invite-only beta phase and available as an iOS app that connects to Facebook for sharing purposes. Users can upload videos from the app, organize them in folders and choose who gets to view what. Videos can then be accessed from the mobile app, from a web browser, and eventually from the Boxee Box — users don’t need to use Cloudee to access the videos.

Boxee clearly sees an opportunity for personal video sharing, like many others trying to become the Instagram of video. Perhaps their advantage is that they already have the platform in place, which also supports video from numerous online sources as well as live TV with a special add-on targeted at ‘cord-cutters’. There are also rumors that the company is getting ready to launch a DVR service.

Those invited to Cloudee’s private beta test are getting unlimited storage, which will likely be available through a premium subscription when the service opens to the general public. That said, the service is not intended as a backup service for all your videos or a competitor to cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox.

The company also said that this is only the first step into the cloud for Boxee. “We believe more of our video watching will shift towards on demand and secondary screens, which will mean more video coming from the cloud. Cloudee will become an integral part of the Boxee offering and we are very excited about its future."