To encourage growth, Amazon has announced changes for developers submitting apps to its Android App store as well as revealing the portal will expand to European countries following the success of its US launch last March.

The UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will get access to the store later this summer with other countries following soon. Developers can submit apps ahead of App store's launch.

"Now is a great time for new developers to sign up and become familiar with the program. You have the ability to select the countries where you would like your apps to be sold and set your list prices by marketplace," the company said on its App Distribution Blog.

Changes have also been made to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution agreement to help make things easier for developers, including a more simplified submission process. Perhaps of most interest to devs: you'll get 70% of the proceeds from apps sold after July 1.

Previously, Amazon paid either 70% of the sale price, or 20% of the list price depending on which was greater. New developers will also be pleased to learn that the online retailer will waive annual fees for the remainder of 2012 to boost its app portfolio.

Those already uploading apps to Amazon's portal will find their apps automatically made available for every new market, though Amazon noted that the developers were responsible for ensuring their apps comply with local laws.