Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton recently announced that owners of the first generation DIY computer will soon be able to purchase a camera add-on. The 5MP camera will connect to the computer via a small ribbon cable and will cost between $20-25 when it launches.

The camera will add a little bulk to the system, but that's to be expected when the computer itself is hardly bigger than a playing card. It's interesting to note that while the camera is relatively cheap, it may be hard for some to swallow considering the entire Raspberry Pi system sells for only a few bucks more. Users should be able to get their hands on the camera within the next three months.

Upton made the announcement at the Raspberry Jam event in Cambridge where he additionally revealed that the foundation has been working on improving the system's software. The latest revision his team is using is performing about four times faster than the original launch software.

In other Raspberry Pi news, the tiny computer is now available for order without any quantity restrictions despite the fact that some orders are still on backorder. It would seem that the 4,000 units the foundation is pumping out per day simply aren't enough to keep pace with demand. Buyers were previously limited to one system per person.

The two Raspberry Pi manufacturing partners, RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell say current orders should be delivered by the end of September or within 4-6 weeks, respectively. Anyone interested in 10 or more units is encouraged to contact the company for estimated delivery times.