Some Nexus 7 early adopters are getting a bit more than they bargained for in the $199 tablet, and not in a good way. Reports and photos have been surfacing this week that show two major display-related issues affecting Google's first tablet.

The first issue that some users are reporting is that the display is actually lifting up from the body of the tablet as shown in the photo below. Customers can reportedly push the display back down into the housing and it will stick but eventually rises back out. It appears that the adhesive holding down the display is either faulty and already worn out, wasn't applied properly or perhaps didn't have enough time to cure.

Some users are also discovering that their shiny new Google tablet has a problem with dead pixels. The author of this Droid Life article says his tablet arrived with a single dead pixel and that similar complaints can be found on multiple tech forums across the web.

If your device has either of these issues, it's recommended that you either contact Google for a return or take it back to the retail store you purchased from to ask for an exchange. After all, the display is one of the key components of this or any tablet - it's not something you want to have problems with. Note that Google only offers a 15-day return policy so you might want to act quick.

Droid Life has additionally published a guide on how to repair the screen lifting issue on your own, although I'm pretty sure that doing so would void your warranty.