Hoping to boost sales and plug its rapidly depleting cash reserves, Nokia may create exclusivity agreements with worldwide partners ahead of the Windows Phone 8 launch later this year, mimicking its US sales model with the Lumia 900 via AT&T.

The Financial Times reports that the struggling phone-maker is in talks with several European networks, including Deutsche Telekom as well as its UK-based venture, Everything Everywhere, and France Telecom. Securing such deals would guarantee Nokia dedicated support for upcoming devices, including additional incentive for partnered carriers to launch marketing campaigns – not unlike Apple's approach when the iPhone was first introduced.

"Many European operators are already keen to help establish the Windows phone range as a third credible competitor alongside Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Android ranges, whose market dominance allows them to take almost all of the profit from the sale of handsets," the Financial Times said, citing the comments of an unnamed executive working for one of the mobile providers.

A Nokia spokesperson wouldn't comment on speculation, but said the firm has "excellent relationships and a regular dialogue with our operator partners."