Microsoft has announced multiple keyboards and mice tuned specifically for systems running Windows 8. The majority of new devices are Bluetooth-enabled and compact enough to fit in your pocket, making them an ideal solution for tablet use.

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is a full-size ultra-slim board that features a minimalist design. The $79.95 unit is designed for tablet use and includes Windows 8 Hot Keys for quick access to things like system settings, search and the Charms interface. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and ships with a smart cover that not only protects the input device but also automatically kills power when used to conserve battery life.

Microsoft's Sculpt Mobile Keyboard features a familiar Comfort Curve design like we have seen on past ergonomic boards. This typer also features Windows 8 Hot Keys, Bluetooth connectivity and enjoys 10 months of battery life which can be monitored and controlled via a two-color indicator and on/off switch, respectively. The Sculpt comes with an MSRP of $49.95.

The aptly-named Wedge Touch Mouse is small enough to fit in your pocket and provides four-way Touch scrolling and navigation. The pointer utilizes Microsoft BlueTrack Technology which allows it to work on nearly any surface, an added benefit for on-the-go use. The $69.95 Wedge mouse conserves battery power by automatically turning off alongside the system it is paired with.

The $49.95 ambidextrous Sculpt Touch Mouse is more of a traditional mouse that includes a four-way touch scroll strip, BlueTrack Technology and Bluetooth connectivity. Microsoft also points out that the Touch Mouse released last year will receive a software update for Windows 8 gesture use.

All of the devices are expected to be ready around the same time that Windows 8 launches in late October.