Apple v. Samsung jury quotes and analysis Late in the process yesterday at the Apple v. Samsung trial, when the parties and the judge were reviewing the jury verdict form, Samsung noticed that there were, indeed, inconsistencies in the jury's verdict form, a possibility Samsung anticipated. Here's the jury's Amended Verdict Form, amended to fix the mistakes. In two instances, results were crazily contradictory, and the judge had to have the jury go back and fix the goofs. As a result the damages award was reduced... Groklaw

Inside the second: Gaming performance with today's CPUs As you may know, a while back, we came to some difficult realizations about the validity of our methods for testing PC gaming performance. In my article Inside the second: A new look at game benchmarking, we explained why the widely used frames-per-second averages tend to obscure some of the most important information about how smoothly a game plays on a given system. In a nutshell, the problem is that FPS averages summarize performance over a relatively long span of time. The Tech Report

Farewell Neil Armstrong, the ultimate test pilot Neil Armstrong – who has died at the age of 82 – was best known as the commander of Apollo 11, but his career at NASA began nearly a decade earlier as a research test pilot. A trained aerospace engineer, Armstrong was a self-described "white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer" who worked at the cutting edge of flight test throughout the 1960s, flying everything from a hang-glider type aircraft towed behind a biplane, to a hypersonic rocket-powered airplane that flew to the edge of space. Wired

Things cut from Fallout: New Vegas Hello, I've done a lot of work on restoring cut things from Fallout: New Vegas, and some time ago started collating my findings. Some of this stuff is well known (some I originally found out about from this very site!) but much is not, so now they've reached a reasonable size I thought I'd share my notes. This is just pasted from a text file, so sorry for ugly text underlines etc. I've tried to include editor references, but at times I simply forgot; they should be reasonably easy to find. Rusted Logic

The deadly tin inside your smartphone On May 29, in the bottom of a tin-mining pit on Bangka Island in Indonesia, a wall about 16 feet high collapsed, sending a wave of earth crashing down on a 40-year-old father of two. His name was Rosnan. The dirt crushed his legs, sent something sharp slicing through his right thigh, and buried him from the waist down. His partner, panicked but unhurt, scrambled out of the pit screaming for help. About 20 other miners rushed in to dig Rosnan out with their bare hands. Bloomberg

"Nintendo and reptiles forever!": Nintendo Power's best reader letters For Power Glove-carrying members of the NES Generation, there's no getting over the shocking news that Nintendo Power will likely soon cease to exist. Of course, word of the magazine's demise is less shocking than the fact that the long-ago gaming bible managed to survive for 24 years. Though it has long since outlived its usefulness, Nintendo Power was indispensible in the 1980s... Slate

The innovations of Internet Explorer Long before Internet Explorer became the browser everyone loves to hate, it was the driving force of innovation on the Internet. Sometimes it's hard to remember all of the good that Internet Explorer did before Internet Explorer 6 became the scourge of web developers everywhere. Believe it or not, Internet Explorer 4-6 is heavily responsible for web development as we know it today. NCZOnline

Intel Brickland & Grantley platforms revealed: Ivy Bridge-EX, Haswell-EX, Broadwell-EX In the world of server and workstation systems, Intel deploys a two-fold strategy with "EP" and "EX" -platforms. For example, Boxboro-EX platform powers the Xeon 6500/7500 and E7-2800/4800/8800 processors, while Romley-EP platform powers Xeon E3 and E5 Series. VR-Zone

What the Apple v. Samsung verdict means for the rest of us The jury in the landmark intellectual property case Apple v. Samsung ruled overwhelmingly in favor of Apple on Friday, awarding the iPhone maker approximately $1.05 billion in damages. Although that figure is impressive on its own, the jury's Apple-friendly design and utility patent rulings could have an even larger effect on the mobile industry and the world's consumers. That means you. Wired

How the new Windows 8 license terms affect you What's changed in Microsoft's radical new license agreements for Windows 8? I've got full details about how you can transfer Windows to a new PC, downgrade rights, and who qualifies for upgrades. ZDNet