Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system has been the talk of the tech town for the past several months as the October 26 launch date quickly approaches. Much of that talk, however, hasn't been in a positive tone as many aren't too thrilled with Redmond's implementation of the Metro, err... Windows 8 user interface.

There appears to be hope on the horizon for the classic desktop UI faithful thanks to an app called RetroUI from Thinix (pronounced thin-iks). The company's just-released app allows users to bypass the Windows 8 UI completely and log directly into the classic Windows desktop instead.

The app doesn't alter any Windows 8 security settings and even allows users to switch back to Windows 8 style as needed. Furthermore, there are options to disable or lock-out certain Windows 8 UI features permanently.

Thinix says the app is easy to install and configure, especially for enterprise clients that would like to install Windows 8 on legacy PCs. In such a scenario, RetroUI can restrict task workers to the classic Windows desktop to eliminate the complexity of Microsoft's new UI. Such a feature could go a long way towards maintaining productivity among employees that aren't computer savvy.

RetroUI is available now with a 14-day fully functional free trail. Afterwards, the app retails for $4.95 which will cover three PCs for personal use. RetroUI Pro for business use starts at $4.95 per PC and is available with bulk licensing for enterprise applications. Non-profits and those in education can see discounts of up to 50 percent.