Update: Razer has now confirmed Project Fiona was given the green light after reaching its goal of 10,000 Likes/Shares on Facebook. The company will soon begin asking for customer feedback on what the final version of the device should look like, including specs, form factor, pricing, and features.

Razer unveiled their gaming tablet concept at CES early this year under the codename Project Fiona. The idea sparked a great deal of feedback from the gaming community (both in favor of and against) but we haven't heard much about it since January. That all changed yesterday as Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan took to Facebook to gauge the level of interest in such a device before the team moves any further in the design process.

Tan says Razer has been working on the project since CES and have since narrowed down some key concepts and designs. He goes on to issue a challenge to fans of Project Fiona: if his Facebook post gets 10,000 or more likes / shares in the next seven days, the team will move forward with the concept and make it a reality.

Furthermore, Razer's chief wants to showcase some of the high-level concepts in an effort to get feedback from gamers. The company will be open to taking suggestions regarding design, hardware specifications, form factor, features and even pricing. Tan closes the post by reiterating Razer's philosophy - For Gamers. By Gamers.

Based on these conditions, it looks like Project Fiona is well on its way to becoming a reality. As of writing, his post has over 9,500 likes with another six days left in the campaign. It's likely a lock that the gaming tablet will use an Intel Ivy Bridge processor running Windows 8 but we still don't know what Razer has in store for the GPU. I can't help but think that Project Fiona would need something more than integrated Intel HD graphics for it to be considered a serious portable gaming machine.