Ever determined to capture the hearts and savings of gamers, Razer has unveiled a Windows 8 tablet at CES. In a press release, the company says standard tablets are too anemic for high-end gaming, but "Project Fiona" will supposedly allow PC gamers to enjoy their favorite titles on a compact mobile platform. In fact, the company goes as far as saying Project Fiona is the only tablet designed for PC gaming.

Razer hasn't offered a full rundown on the hardware (some specs probably aren't even finalized), but the manufacturer is sold on Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge-based Core i7 processors. It's unclear if the device's graphics will be driven by a dedicated chip or Ivy Bridge's on-die solution, but it's reportedly capable of playing games such as H.A.W.X. 2, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

Besides lacking horsepower, tablets tend to have clumsy controls for anything beyond specifically tailored casual games. Project Fiona will address the platform's limitations with one controller on each side. Both grips have an analog stick and at least four buttons. Naturally, this be accompanied by the obligatory multi-touch display and accelerometer(s), supplying developers with a hybrid array of input options.


Unfortunately, it seems Razer's enthusiasm isn't contagious as many PC gamers have shunned the concept. The debut YouTube video has more negative votes than positive and the top comments are those mocking the device. We'll reserve final judgment for later this year. Project Fiona is expected to launch for under $1,000 in late 2012 – seemingly timed with the arrival of Microsoft's next operating system.