Boxee testing new set-top box with HDTV antenna and DVR

By Jos
Oct 9, 2012
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  1. Boxee is apparently getting ready to revamp its set-top box offering with the introduction of a new Boxee TV model that merges over-the-air live TV broadcasts, online content and DVR functionality in a single device. That's according to leaked images...

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  2. This looks quite interesting and I think would be a good fit for me, if the price is reasonable.
  3. Cost isn't much of a concern when the cable company is charging $70 / month for largely freely available content. If google tv had these capabilities it would have been a hit. The program guide had better be rock solid, but this is type of machine that will change the world. Record OTA, ability to watch subscribed services like Netfix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, etc. , and a bonus if you have a way for users to subscribe directly to AMC, ESPN, HBO. Oh the irony of using comcast's internet wires to enable the a la carte revolution. PS. Networks -> don't charge me to watch on a box what I can see for free on my PC.

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