An alleged picture of Apple’s next generation iMac logic board and other components has surfaced in a forum thread on Chinese site WeiPhone. The thread claims Apple is preparing to release a redesigned iMac with a thinner profile at a media event either this month or sometime in November.

The author says his brother-in-law works at a factory where the iMac is being manufactured. In addition to the image below, he points out the new iMac’s profile can be compared to that of water droplets and that it includes “tetragonal” elements. Much like the iPhone 5, the display on the iMac is said to be glued directly to the system’s glass panel.

As with any leak, the authenticity of the photo can be tough to verify. For what it's worth, Kyle Wiens from iFixit believes the image is at least plausible based on some similarities to existing iMac components.

One example he cites is the silver disc seen behind some of the PCB. This part has traditionally been used to house the Wi-Fi antenna which sits directly behind the plastic Apple logo on the rear of the iMac. This is the only part of the iMac’s rear shell that isn’t constructed of aluminum and thus allows wireless signals to pass through unimpeded.

It is believed that the 21.5-inch model will be the first to receive the updated design with the 27-inch system being refreshed at some point later. Based on other Apple press conference rumors, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see this new iMac revealed as early as October 23; the same day many expect Apple to unveil the iPad Mini.