Microsoft has announced a special promotion for those interested in buying a Surface RT tablet. The first 100 people in line at each Microsoft Store this Friday will receive a free one year subscription to Xbox Music Pass. The annual pass would otherwise set you back $99.

If you aren't already aware, Microsoft has sold out of their pre-order stock for Surface RT tablets online. This means that the only way to get one on launch day is to wait in line at a retail Microsoft Store.

With a free year of Xbox Music on the line, it might not be a bad idea to set your alarm a few hours early granted you live within driving distance of one of the few Microsoft Stores across the country. Redmond will have about 60 stores up and running come October 26.

Xbox Music went live on the company's 360 gaming console last week. It effectively replaces the Zune branding and Windows Media Player on the console with a catalog of 30 million songs worldwide. As has been mentioned before, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold membership to take advantage of Xbox Music using the 360.

Microsoft also hints that there will be other free Xbox prizes on hand but stopped short of detailing what those might consist of. It's worth reiterating that you'll have to purchase a Surface tablet in order to get the free Xbox Music offer. Those that have already pre-ordered online are excluded from the promotion.