If you've ever had a hankering to play Borderlands while on the go, Borderlands Legends may possibly satiate such future desires. The iOS-friendly version is expected to be released as early as this month. Since October's end is already upon us, that indicates its launch may even be this week.

What can we expect from Borderlands Legends? There aren't any reliable details yet, but according to this leaked ad posted on the Gearbox forum, gamers can expect the return of the Lilith, Brick, Roland and Mordecai, each with 36 unique abilities. We can also expect randomized missions, Fight For Your Life and "thousands" of different weapons.

Admittedly, "thousands" of different weapons is a bit disappointing when compared to Borderlands 2, a game which claimed to have a minimum of 870 gajillion guns, but hey -- the portable version has less space to store all those guns, right?

There is also mention of a "strategic cover system". Although what this truly means is left only to the imagination, it sounds like a game mechanic which could facilitate playing an FPS on a touch screen device. Don't forget -- we don't even know what genre Borderlands Legends will be -- so this tidbit hints at an action-orientated game or possibly even an FPS, which is intriguing for a touch-based offering.

Borderlands and Borderlands 2 knit together a highly successful franchise for Gearbox. The first Borderlands game sold over 4.5 million copies while the newly released sequel surpassed its progenitor's launch sales by a healthy 234 percent.