Mozilla released version 1.0 of Popcorn Maker during last weekend’s Mozilla Festival in London. The software is a timeline-based video editing application built using the organization’s JavaScript library Popcorn and written in modern web standards.

Popcorn Maker gives the average Joe the ability to create videos for the web that contain a wealth of features. Users can add image overlays, Google Maps, Wikipedia entries or even pull quotes directly into clips using a video container.

The cool thing about this is that data is pulled from the web live as the video is played back. This means that your video has the potential to be different every time it’s viewed. What you end up with is something that is much more like a webpage than a simple video clip since it can be interactive and embedded with numerous helpful links.

It’s a huge shift in what we’ve come to know about videos on the web thus far. The Internet is an extremely interactive venue but video isn’t really much different than what you’d watch on your television – there’s virtually zero interaction. HTML5 will certainly change that moving forward.

Mozilla is fond of open source software and Popcorn Maker is no different. The embeddable video player includes what’s known as a remix button that allows other users to essentially use your work as a creative foundation for getting their project off the ground.

Those interested in trying out the free editing app can head over to Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker website to get started.