Streaming music outfit Spotify offers members a couple of different listening options including a standalone desktop application and mobile apps for Android and iOS, both supporting offline play (with a premium membership). But the one thing that's been glaringly missing from their repertoire, however, is a web-based version of Spotify.

That missing link will reportedly be coming in the near future, we're told. Spotify's Graham James confirmed that the streaming music provider has already started testing a beta web version on a small scale.

He says it's potentially a great additional feature for times when you can't access music using the desktop app like when at a friend's house or at work.  

It's unclear exactly when the new feature will be ready for the masses. James noted they will have more details on the web player next year. That's a pretty open-ended admission versus narrowing down a potential release date on a quarterly scale. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later for the sake of Spotify fans.

The company has been a major contender in the streaming music market for quite some time now, despite only having been available to US residents for less than a year and a half. As you may know, the service initially launched in several European countries before finding its way stateside in July 2011.

Spotify was the second largest source of revenue for record labels as of earlier this year according to an unnamed source familiar with the situation.