Apple is not particularly known for offering generous discounts during the Black Friday shopping craze. Unfortunately, this year is no different, but if you've been mulling over buying one of their products today might be a good day to take the plunge. The company is touting savings of $41 on an iPad, $31 on an iPad 2 and iPod touch, $101 on the new MacBook Pros as well as MacBook Air and $7-$21 on a range of gadgets.

Discounts hover around the 10% mark for more expensive items and climb to 20-40% for cheaper ones. It's not much but it'll at least save you some cash if you're planning on buying anyway. Brian Sozzi, chief equities analyst at NBG Productions notes this is "Apple's way of saying we're still a premium experience. Let some of the other retailers drive a lot of volume, we're still a destination."

Indeed, the company's products – specially iOS devices – are already flying off shelves so there's not all lot incentive for reduced prices. Their popular retail stores are said to generate $6,050 per square foot in sales, or more than twice what any other retailer in the U.S. can claim, according to the latest data from RetailSails.

But Apple stores aren't the only places you will be able to save on iPads, iPods and MacBooks today. Target, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers are often offering steeper discounts hoping to attract foot traffic and boost sales of other items. The fourth-gen iPad was marked $439 at Best Buy, for example, while Walmart sells the iPad 2 for the same $399 Apple charges but with a $75 Walmart gift card on the side.