After raking in over $5 million during its recent THQ promo, the Humble Bundle is returning to its roots for the holidays by offering six top indie games for a fraction of their standard price. If you're willing to part with at least one measly dollar, the latest event offers The Binding of Isaac and its Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot and Indie Game: The Movie (a movie about indie games, shockingly enough).

That sum also gets you the music for those four games. If you offer more than the average rate – currently $5.87 – you'll also get Dungeon Defenders with its DLC, Legend of Grimrock and both of their soundtracks. Purchased separately, the Humble Bundle says all of this would usually cost $140. That seems a bit high as the games and movie cost $75 if purchased through Steam, but it's an incredible value nonetheless.

85  Dungeon Defenders (actiony tower defense) - Wikipedia, GameTrailers, Metacritic
86  Legend of Grimrock (dungeon crawling RPG) - Wikipedia, GameTrailers, Metacritic
84  The Binding of Isaac (action adventure) - Wikipedia, GameTrailers, Metacritic
74  Shank 2 (side-scrolling beat 'em up) - Wikipedia, GameTrailers, Metacritic
81  Closure (puzzle platformer) - Wikipedia, GameTrailers, Metacritic
71  Snapshot (puzzle platformer) - Steam StoreYouTube TrailerMetacritic
Indie Game: The Movie (documentary) - Wikipedia, IMDB, Metacritic

All six of the games work across Windows, Mac and Linux, though some of them have only just been ported and may be buggier outside of Windows – particularly Shank 2, which is only in beta on Mac. Although they're available as DRM-free downloads, the games can also be activated on Steam. As of writing, over 32,000 people have contributed a total of nearly $200,000 to the event, which will run through January 2.