Earlier this week, IBM shared what it expects to see over the next five years in technology, with several scientists predicting that computers will become more intelligent and human-like. Although we're not daring enough to gaze half a decade into the future, we thought it'd be fun to see what everyone thinks will unfold over the next year.

To kick things off, we've included predictions from most of our staff along with widgets so you can rate them. Naturally, we also want to hear your technology predictions for 2013 in the comments.


We'll hear more about augmented reality and wearable computing devices as companies eye the post-smartphone market.


Apple will start offering more video content through Apple TV. No TV set. No revolutionary set-top box, yet. The latter will be introduced eventually in partnership with cable operators but won't be ready for 2013.


Windows 8 will succeed on desktops, flourish with touch-enabled laptops but utterly fail on pure tablets.


AMD will beat Nvidia to the punch, releasing its Radeon HD 8000 series in early 2013. Months later, it will disappoint early adopters by slashing prices and releasing overclocked cards to remain relevant -- sound familiar?


I believe 2013 will bring a greater emphasis on the smartphone as the tablet trend begins to slowly fade. Larger handsets like the Galaxy Note II are already proving that a handset can accomplish most tasks that a tablet is capable of. More powerful mobile processors will only accelerate this movement.


My prediction for 2013 is that digital camera manufacturers will finally stop the decade-long megapixel race and start advertising what really matters: sensor sizes and lenses.


There will be brand-name WQHD (2560x1440ish) desktop monitors under $500 in 2013.


Image via Chris Whetzel