BitTorrent has taken the wraps off a new service called Sync that aims to take on services like Dropbox using peer-to-peer technology. Available in pre-Alpha, the new application allows users to securely sync files and folders to multiple devices using only the BitTorrent protocol and no cloud caching whatsoever.

The approach means users won’t have the convenience of keeping a copy of their documents stored in a third party server that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. But this also offers some advantages such as no storage limits and an extra layer of security since no third-party has access to your files. Users create their own redundant backup on multiple devices with minimal effort, or share large files with others privately.

Sync is available for Windows, OSX, Linux along a web-interface that works with NAS devices. There's no mobile version just yet, but BitTorrent has stated that it's "committed to mobile across the board.” Those that want to take the new service for a spin can fill out a form and sign up for the Sync Alpha test here.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first application of its kind. LogMeIn’s Cubby combines cloud storage with an optional DirectSync feature that let’s you synchronize files between devices via peer-to-peer transfers, without the need for a third party server. NAS manufacturer Synology has also been offering a similar feature for about a year now, called Cloud Station, as part of the Disk Station Manager software powering their devices.